michal grabowski

I was born and raised in Cracow, Poland. With my parents being dedicated people of theatre, I grew up making various experiences on stage and in film. As a teeager I was determined to pursue a career in acting. Right about high school graduation I have started perceiving films in a different way, paying more and more attention to the cinematic image and falling in love with light. After a couple of years of discovering film on my own I got accepted to dffb, Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie Berlin where I studied cinematography. Since then I was able to explore fiction, documentary, music videos, commercial and TV and I very much hope to be able to do so for years to come. I am also fortunate enough to be able to work in theatre as well, mostly as a lighting desiner, video artist and photographer. I have collaborated with theatres both in Poland and in Germany, such as Gorki Theater Berlin, Berliner Ensemble, Stary Teatr in Cracow, IMKA Theater in Warsaw and more.



  • Adventurers Club Poland 2015, HD, Dir.: Tomasz Szafrański
  • No Panic, with a hint of histeria Poland 2016, HD, Dir.: Tomasz Szafrański
  • LOMO Germany 2016, HD, Dir.: Julia Langhof
  • Rock'n'Roll Eddie 2019, Dir. Tomasz Szafrański, prod. Dogoda Media


  • Tattoo Poland 2005, 10’, 16mm, Dir.:Alejandro Guerra
  • View from the closet Poland 2005, 8’, 35mm, Dir.: Tomek Suwalski
  • Halbweg Germany 2007, 8’, 16mm. Dir:. Theo Solnik
  • Eos Germany 2007, 40’, 16mm. Dir.: Marcin Malaszczak
  • Stranded Germany 2008, 8’, HDV. Dir:. Theo Solnik
  • Swimmer Germany 2008, 30‘, 16mm. Dir.: Marcin Malaszczak
  • Ausflug Germany 2009, 6‘, HD. Dir.: Florian Roese
  • Icecream Germany 2010, 7', 35mm. Dir.: Lisa Bierwirth
  • Ein Genie Germany 2010, 6', 35mm. Dir.: Sanela Salketic
  • The Kiss Germany 2010, 30', 35mm. Dir.: Theo Solnik
  • Mehr Germany 2011, 11' 35mm., Dir.: Julia Langhof
  • 4/5 Nothing Germany 2013, 20min, HD, Dir.: Florian Röser


  • Commercial for Sygma Bank Poland 2010, 30", HD, Dir.: Sebastian Buttny
  • Commercial for magazine „Chwila dla Ciebie“, Poland 2005, 30’’, HD
  • Wild Germany (Episode „Illegal in Deutschland) 2012, Prod. Vice Germany
  • Ekspedycja Cartoon Network, Season 1(as Director) 2014, Prod. bumm bumm Film
  • Commercial for Dr. Oetker "Seelenwärmer" 2018, Dir. Leander Hausmann, prod. e+p Films
  • Die Chefin ep. 54-56, 2019 ZDF, Dir. Grzegorz Muskala, prod. Network Movie


Michał Grabowski

tel: +49 176 3166 8537